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Who am I, what inspired me and why did I start S.O.C.K.S.

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          Hello, I am Courtney Warner (Nathe) and the Founder of S.O.C.K.S., Inc. ​I am 22 years old, a blessed young lady coming from a loving, religious and supportive family with an older sister and two terrific parents and huge extended family. I also just married a wonderful gentleman, Timothy Warner. I founded S.O.C.K.S. ( Students Organizing Cancer patients Krazy Socks ) at age 14, as I wanted to make a difference and provide aid to cancer patients, as my Girl Scout Gold Award.  I am a sock-a-holic and while researching needs of a cancer patient I was told of a need for socks. This was a perfect union. 

       S.O.C.K.S. was my dream and I was pleased at it's growth, but quickly realized it could not reach it's full potential without becoming a non-profit organization. I did extensive research and fundraising, talk with business owners and other non-profit organizations all over central Florida. I acquired the funding needed so S.O.C.K.S. became incorporated, a 501(C)3, non-profit organization, had a website designed and paid for in full for seven years, had a graphic designer design a custom logo, had donated from a local business custom business cards, stickers and brochures. Through this growth I learned it takes a village to raise a child and for this organization to keep growing it needed the best of the best to help guide it's growth. I have found several terrific business people willing to volunteer as the Board of Directors, each with their own area of expertise and even have a junior board member who is so terrific she is making the news all the time. One of my goals was to introduce students to the joy and fulfillment received by volunteering. That is why we recruit youth to give our presentations and speak to businesses, schools, churches and wherever there is an interest in S.O.C.K.S., Inc. Our volunteer numbers are growing, but we need more to keep up with the requests from hospitals for our sock donations. What we are still missing is "YOU" become a volunteer and host sock drives in your area or donate to help with shipping costs or the purchasing of needed socks.

          So who is Courtney Warne(r Nathe), I am the girl next door. Sometimes I am in jeans cleaning out the barn or working with our steers or other days I am doing community service, mission work or just another graduate from UF -Go Gators. I love to sing and act. I was told I was born singing and have not stopped. I was taught that God enriches our lives with blessings and we should use them to make the world a better place. I try to do this with my singing. I sing in church, county fairs, Disney World, Universal, ball parks, weddings, funerals, fundraisers, races and when I do my chores. I also try to do this with my community service. While attending high school I had 1100 documented community service hours and hundreds more undocumented. I have volunteered at numerous events supporting CMNH including Shand’s Radiothon, UF Dance Marathon, Disney Classic PGA Golf Tour, High Heel Hike, DQ Miracle Treat Day, and Miss America Serves. I also volunteer with the Relay for Life, at the Academy at the Farm, at the Pasco County Fair, Sigma Alpha, Shands Hospital and whenever and wherever an opportunity arises. I plan on continuing my volunteer work as I start this new chapter in my life , married to a wonderful gentleman.

         The accomplishments I have done was because I was blessed to be guided by my family, my church, Girl Scouts, other youth groups and the Miss Florida organization into community service. The statement, "It is better to give than receive" is so true. I receive more than I could ever give while doing my volunteer work. I also meet exciting people and am amazed at the strength they have, their courage, their love of life and how I become inspired and consumed within their love. You can read about volunteering or talk about different causes and still have no idea what you are missing, until you become involved. This is a message I am trying to share with everyone I meet, as you are never too young, too old, too rich or too poor to make a difference. I will always lend a helping hand. I hope my legacy will be that I touched and blessed the lives of everyone I met, as much as they have blessed my life!!
         Get involved and start volunteering.