What is Missing? YOU! So, host a SOCK DRIVE, they are so much fun!!!       

1.  Plan an activity such as a sock hop, dinner, or a meeting where everyone brings socks.

 2. Businesses can host "Spirit Fridays" where employees give either a monetary or sock donation to dress down or            dress up! Every business can help whether you have 3 employees or 100 employees.

 3. Schools can host a "Krazy Sock Day" where students wear crazy socks and possibly not wear the required                    uniform for the day.

 4.  Schools, scout troops, churches and other organizations can collect socks as part of their community service                   events.

5.  There could be bingo games, bowling tournaments, skydiving events, sporting events, golf tournaments, clay                  shoots, and any kind of event to collect socks and monetary donations for cancer patients.

6.   Donations can be at least one pair of socks as the fee for your activity or a monetary donation.

7.  Do not be afraid to over donate, we NEVER have too many socks! PLEASE remember cancer affects both genders. We must be able to ship socks to males also and too many times we have to hold a shipment waiting for males socks for the age the facility is treating. One way to assist with this is to request a pair of female socks with a pair of male socks from each person donating the socks during your drive.Teenage and adult male crazy socks can be located at sporting goods departments or stores.

8.  We accept multi-packed socks. All socks must be in their original PLASTIC wrapper or PAPER wrapper for                  hospital donations.

9.  The more you collect, the more S.O.C.K.S. can "PUT A SMILE ON THE FACE OF A CANCER PATIENT, one          pair at a time."

10. Your sock drive is also a great place to have a volunteer from the American Cancer Society to come and share               with your guests information on cancer awareness, cancer prevention, and services offered by the American                  Cancer Society (www.cancer.org). 

11. We need socks for all age groups and gender.

12. Contact me with the information for your S.O.C.K.S. drive

www.facebook.com/helpcancerpatients    S.O.C.K.S. Fighters and Survivors www.facebook.com/groups/779089388812568

S.O.C.K.S., Inc.   10000 McKendree Road, San Antonio, Florida 33576    352-206-4059

Volunteer/Information Form

Monetary donations help cover shipping costs @ $19.95-$14.35 per box. We also need a sponsor to purchase a  laptop for S.O.C.K.S., as we currently are having to borrow this every time we go and speak to an organization, school or group. PLEASE HELP!!!

Email us for additional information.